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Amphenol’s 1.2mm fiber optic assemblies are ideally suited for network applications where space in the fiber management trays is limited.  The 1.2mm diameter of the cable reduces congestion in trays and racks, allowing for better airflow.  These assemblies are a perfect complement to High Density fiber management systems.  

Amphenol connectors are designed and manufactured to meet GR-326 requirements and 100% factory tested in Amphenol’s world class manufacturing facilities. Available in SC and LC connector types, Simplex and Zipcord styles, and S/M, OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 fiber types.

  • Small footprint with a 41mm length from tip of ferrule to end of boot

  • Removable clips for simplex and duplex styles

  • Duplex version utilizes a removable flexible clip providing a float between channels A and B

  • Singlemode ITU-T G657.A2 and Multimode OM4 cable versions

  • Small form factor LC connector enables high panel densities

  • Assemblies reduce congestion in trays and racks

  • Smaller diameter cable allows for better airflow

  • Heat Shrink at zipcord breakout prevents accidental cable split

  • Flagged serial number label for cable identification

  • Packaged in anti-static bag

Features and Benefits


Insertion Loss:

≤ 0.15dB Typical Singlemode UPC

≤ 0.23dB Typical Singlemode APC

≤ 0.35dB Typical Multimode

Return Loss:

Ultra (UPC) ≤ -55dB*

Angle (UPC) ≤ -65dB*


< 0.2dB change, 500 Mating Cycles


<0.3dB change, -40 to +85°C


Data Centers


942-98345-10001         JUMPER, LC/UPC, 1.2MM, 1M
942-98670-10001         JUMPER, LC/UPC(D), 1.2MM ZIP, 1M
943-99795-10001         JUMPER, LC(D), 1.2mm OM3 ZIP, 1m
942-98671-10001         JUMPER, SC/UPC, 1.2mm, 1m

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