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BEAD-Ready with BABAA Compliance

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Our Story

Amphenol Fiber Optic Products, a Division of Amphenol Corporation based in Downers Grove, IL, has provided expertise and solutions in fiber optic interconnect applications for over 60 years and continually led in quality, service, innovation and customer satisfaction through an unyielding desire to 'Connect People with Technology

BEAD Program

The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program is a transformative initiative by the federal government to ensure every American has access to reliable, high-speed internet. It aims to close the digital divide by prioritizing funding for broadband infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas.

Our Role

We are dedicated to advancing the goals of the BEAD program with our BABAA-compliant, fiber optic solutions. Designed for robust, scalable networks, we cater to both rural and urban broadband deployments. Through partnerships with ISPs, municipalities, and contractors, we tailor our offerings while emphasizing domestic manufacturing and job creation.

Who are we
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Bringing High-Speed Connectivity to America

Amphenol Fiber Optic Products is Leading the Way in Bridging the Digital Divide

Navigate the Network of Tomorrow


BEAD Applications

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Last-Mile Connectivity

Extending fiber optic cables to individual homes and businesses in rural and remote areas to provide reliable, high-speed internet access.

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Backhaul Infrastructure

Upgrading or establishing backhaul connections to link local networks to the main internet infrastructure, ensuring high capacity and speed.

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Smart Grid

Utilizing fiber optics for smart grid applications and utility monitoring, enhancing efficiency and reliability of public utilities.


Public Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Deploying fiber optic backbones to support public Wi-Fi networks in parks, community centers, and other public areas to provide free or low-cost internet access.

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