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Creative Solutions for the Mobile Evolution

Mobile networks are constantly evolving, from the first 1G system in the early ‘80s to the development of the standards for the upcoming 5G and beyond. As network operators around the world compete to offer the best network service to their subscribers, and OEMs allocate their best talent to develop next generation technology to meet increased data traffic demand, a plethora of entrepreneurs continue to meet consumers' increasing demands for larger capacity and faster speeds.

Mobile networks have become ubiquitous in enabling the electronic revolution. The need for more efficient mobile networks capable of delivering better performance than their predecessors at a lower investment cost is the number one challenge for many CTOs. Carriers realize that the life cycle of most mobile networks is getting shorter, making it crucial to "future proof" networks to maximize the investment and to maintain a competitive edge while delivering a "super-fast" service.

Amphenol offers a wide product portfolio for every wireless standard and generation of radio technology, as well as future IP-based solutions. In addition, Amphenol works with service providers around the world to offer an array of antennas and installation-related site solution products. Our connectivity solutions are used from the fiber backhaul to the antenna, and we offer a complete suite of products for indoor wireless coverage and distributed antenna systems.


Solutions that are Simple by Design

Amphenol’s direct control over connector and assembly quality ensures your network’s reliability and industry compliance, and provides the engineering capabilities that allow agile partnerships and transformational results for you and your customers.

Our solutions are designed with the customer in mind.

  • Improve Speed of Deployment

  • Reduce Deployment Cost

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • Reduce Risk of Failure

  • Simplify Infrastructure Deployment

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