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Amphenol’s LC-X flippable Uniboot connector simplifies cable routing in high density panels. The compact design allows for greater density as well as the convenience of reversing the polarity. Amphenol Uniboot LC-X flippable assemblies reduce congestion in racks and trays due to the one boot, one cable design that replaces the need for stocking two connectors of opposing polarities. With the new flippable technology, the polarity of the connector can be changed quickly without the use of special tools. In addition to this, the pitch can easily be changed from standard (6.25mm) to mini (5.25mm).

  • Polarity swappable connector provides a way to switch channel A and B

  • Easiest flippable connector on the market without the need to remove the LC connectors from the rear body

  • Connectors can be polarity flipped without the use of any special tools

  • Clip allows for shrinking to a mini 5.25mm pitch from the standard 6.25mm pitch

  • Indicator allows for identifying if connectors have been flipped

  • Small form factor LC connector enables high panel densities

  • Assemblies reduce congestion in trays and racks

Features and Benefits


Insertion Loss:

≤ 0.15dB Typical Singlemode

≤ 0.50dB Typical Multimode

Return Loss:

Ultra (UPC) ≤ -55dB*


< 0.2dB change, 500 Mating cycles


<0.3dB change, -40 to +85°C


Data Centers


942-98669-10001           JUMPER, LC-X, 3MM DPLX RD, SM, 1M
943-99793-10001           JUMPER, LC-X, 3MM DPLX RD, OM3, 1M
943-99794-10001           JUMPER, LC-X, 3MM DPLX RD, OM4, 1M

Ordering Information

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