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The MXC® connector platform is a versatile, cost effective, next generation connectivity solution optimized for direct interface to equipment densely populated with mid-board mounted, multimode or singlemode optical modules. Supporting a varied selection of link designs, the MXC® package is optimized for expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrules providing for a more robust and debris insensitive interface compared to traditional physical contact solutions. The unique, streamlined external plug recesses the multi-fiber ferrule, protecting the lensed interface while providing maximum port density. Designed specifically for intra-rack and inter-rack point-to-point links, the MXC® solution combines the bulkhead adapter and on-card plug into a single component, minimizing PCB space consumption on the inside of the equipment.


The MXC® connector platform also supports blind-mating of the optical fiber demarcation point for true optical backplane or mid-plane architectures. Utilizing the same external cable plugs for front panel and backplane applications, novel X, Y & Z axis floating mechanisms allow for generous mismatch between the card-mounted and rack-mounted connector components.

  • Optimized for point-to-point, equipment card interface applications

  • Debris insensitive resulting in high reliability

  • Supports a wide variety of link designs in both multimode and singlemode

  • Fewer components (since traditional adapter eliminated)

  • One piece receptacle becomes part of the internal Tx/Rx to bulkhead jumper

  • Optimized for US Conec’s new expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrule technology

  • Space savings with MXC® compared to MPO-style
    connectors for bulkhead applications:

    • 59% PCB area​

    • 40% Faceplate area

Features and Benefits


Insertion Loss:

MM 3-4 rows 1.2dB

Return Loss:

1-4 rows < -20dB


Minimal cleaning inspection

Environmental Performance:



Front panel and backplane multi-fiber point to point links
High performance computing
Switching/routing fabrics 
Switch-to-server interconnects


Please call for more information and ordering assistance: 800-944-6446

Ordering Information


MXC® ad PRIZM® are registered trademark of US Conec
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