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The Experience and Reliability that Matter

Starting with the first SMA Connector, Amphenol leads innovation in medical connectors.

  • Original designer of the SMA, the first industry standard fiber optic connector

  • High reliability, 80 years of quality

  • Damage Resistant technology

  • Innovative solutions created from customer feedback

  • Embedded RFID options

  • High Tolerance ferrule designs

  • Global support and supply

Amphenol is a leading global provider of high reliability fiber optic connectors and assemblies used in the medical industry.


Amphenol is a solution provider to OEMs that offer a broad spectrum of systems for minimally invasive ocular procedures, epidermal laser treatments, and other related oxygen monitoring systems.


Amphenol designs, manufactures, and markets innovative technologies used to deliver and monitor critical patient information.

Amphenol continues to develop new solutions by incorporating critical customer feedback for use and application. One such development is Amphenol's RFID solution that embeds readable tags into a connector to ensure the medical equipment is being used properly. Another is Amphenol's FiberGrip SMA Connector. This connector was the first epoxyless interconnect solution for markets requiring high power delivery. The two piece SMA connector was designed as a safe and cost-effective alternative. The rear body contains a proprietary fiber retention system designed to carefully secure the optical fiber without risk of damage to the connector.


These are just a couple of examples of Amphenol providing innovative solutions to the medical market that incorporate state of the art technology to drive applications for the future of medical solutions.

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